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The EuropaBON network reaches 1500 members!

EuropaBON has achieved a major milestone: our stakeholder community has just crossed the 1500-member mark! In just under three years, we have grown into one of Europe’s LARGEST and most INFLUENTIAL biodiversity communities, boasting a diverse membership that includes representatives from academia, NGOs, governmental organizations, citizen scientists and the private sector. Our incredible members have played a pivotal role in designing Europe’s future biodiversity monitoring system and continue to influence European biodiversity policy.

To get a closer look at the heart of Europe’s biodiversity movement, check out our interactive stakeholder network visualizer. Discover the key players, connections, and collaborations that are driving positive change across the continent.

If you’re not part of our amazing network yet, there’s no better time to join us on this remarkable journey. Be a part of the change and help us shape a greener future for Europe. Register now here!

Let’s continue working together to protect our planet’s precious biodiversity. Thank you for being a part of the EuropaBON community!

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