Novel Biodiversity Monitoring Methods workshop
Implementing novel methods to meet biodiversity monitoring needs
Virtual Zoom Workshop, May 11-13, 2022

About the workshop

Implementing novel methods to meet biodiversity monitoring needs




Wednesday to Friday
May 11-13, 2022


Bring experts together from fields of method development and ecological monitoring to identify and assess novel methods and technology that can be implemented to address current gaps and bottlenecks in biodiversity monitoring.

EuropaBON's overarching aim is to design a consistent and comprehensive biodiversity monitoring strategy for Europe that overcomes current gaps and bottlenecks— from the genetic level to whole ecosystems. Some of these challenges can be addressed by using novel biodiversity monitoring methods and technologies, including eDNA, remote sensing, bioacoustics, automated sampling, computer vision, etc. We also know that research shows many of these methods are ready to be applied widely. However, we don't want to implement methods for the sake of novelty— what novel methods to our knowledge can be applied at scale to meet Europe's biodiversity targets? And what are the practical implications of employing these novel methods, in terms of the infrastructure needed, validation with older methods, and monitoring longevity?

We invite experts in monitoring methods/technology and experts in biodiversity monitoring programs for any habitat or taxa to come together in this workshop for a unique opportunity to help bridge the gap between innovation and applied practice. The discussion and assessments formed in this workshop will feed directly into how EuropaBON designs an actionable biodiversity monitoring network to support policy decisions.

Registration closes May 10th.

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The workshop is split into three 90-minute sessions over three days.
We advise registrants to plan on attending at least one of the breakout session days (day 1 or 2) and the concluding discussion on day 3.


Wednesday, 11th May

Introduction to EuropaBON

Tackling taxa- and habitat-specific monitoring constraints

  • Breakout sessions: birds, mammals, fish, aquatic invertebrates, terrestrial invertebrates, plants/algae/macrophytes, amphibians/reptiles

Session summaries and general discussion


Thursday, 12th May

Introduction to Essential Biodiversity Variables

Improving on measurement of target biodiversity metrics

  • Breakout sessions: Genetic composition, Species population and abundances, Community diversity, Trait diversity (morphology, movement, phenology), Ecosystem functioning, Ecosystem structure

Session summaries and general discussion


Friday, 13th May

Recap of keypoints from Days 1 and 2

General discussion of key points to emphasise for novel methodology implementation: practical needs, areas of concern, unaddressed gaps