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Work Package 2


Ian McCallum

Lead / IASA

At IIASA, Ian McCallum contributes to numerous research projects applying geo-spatial analysis to global environmental problems. He helped develop the Geo-Wiki, a globally recognized Citizen Science platform for Earth observation. His research interests lie along areas of environmental monitoring, earth observation, citizen science, the carbon cycle and natural hazards. He will coordinate the role of IIASA in leading WP2 on Stakeholder Involvement, along with contributing to the WP5 use case on the Habitat Directive via citizen science.

Aletta Bonn

Co-lead / UFZ, iDiv

Task Leaders

T2.1 Ian McCallum/ Juliette Martin

T2.2 Aletta Bonn/ Hannah Moersberger

T2.3 Inian Moorthy/ Juliette Martin

T2.4 Camino Liquete

T2.5 Pensoft