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EuropaBON is a 3-year project.
It is structured into five different work packages (WPs), each subdivided into specific tasks.
Each WP has a WP leader and each task has a task leader.

WP1 oversees the coordination and management of the project. Stakeholder engagement (WP2) is the hub of the project in which identified critical stakeholders will be engaged into assessment (WP3) and co-design (WP4) processes of the project, as well as in drafting policy support (WP5).

While WP2 is the ‘heart’ of EuropaBON, WP3 and WP4 will deliver on the call. Drawing on the user needs identified in WP2, WP3 assesses different sources for existing biodiversity monitoring data in Europe to identify their current gaps and bottlenecks in terms of thematic content, spatial and temporal coverage, data flows and availability, as well as cost-effectiveness. WP4 builds on WP3 to deliver a new design for biodiversity monitoring in Europe, by improving existing monitoring schemes to become more representative, maximize benefits and become better integrated into wider biodiversity policy.

The new design will close existing temporal, spatial and thematic data gaps by integrating multiple monitoring sources with EBV modelling and various new technologies at national and European level, in dialogue with major stakeholders. The policy examples showcased in WP5 will demonstrate how EuropaBON could contribute to various major environmental policies of the EU by using the new design from WP4. The work in WP3-5 is always developed in a dialog with stakeholders facilitated by WP2 to assess whether the deliverables produced by the project meet the user requirements. Ultimately a coalition with key stakeholders will be formed to trigger the establishment of ToR for a Biodiversity Monitoring Coordination Center to implement EuropaBON after the project ends.