Final Stakeholder Conference
Showcasing EuropaBON achievements & the wider EuropaBON network
27-28 May 2024, Brussels


Showcasing EuropaBON achievements & the wider EuropaBON network


Monday to Tuesday
May 27-28, 2024


Showcasing EuropaBON achievements and the proposed EU Biodiversity Observation Coordination Centre (EBOCC)

EuropaBON is hosting its final Stakeholder Conference on May 27/28, 2024 in Brussels. After three years of successful collaboration and numerous established partnerships with many experts and organisations across the biodiversity domain, the EuropaBON consortium and stakeholders will showcase the major outcomes of its collaborative efforts.

Attendees will learn firsthand of the overall achievements of EuropaBON along with descriptions of the key outputs. In particular, we will present the proposed EU Biodiversity Observation Coordination Centre (EBOCC) that should implement and oversee an EU Biodiversity Observation Network to integrate data-streams to support numerous European biodiversity policies.

The first day will open with keynote speakers from the European Commission and the EEA, focusing on the future of EU biodiversity monitoring from the policy perspective. This will be followed by presentations on the key outcomes of EuropaBON, concluding with a panel discussion. The second day will open with remarks and reflections from the European Commission, followed by targeted sessions with key European Biodiversity actors and the wider EuropaBON stakeholder membership. Finally, podium discussions will allow for a debate of the EBOCC and the next steps towards biodiversity monitoring in Europe.

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Introductory Keynote Speakers

Introductory Keynote Speakers of the conference

Humberto Delgado Rosa

Director for Biodiversity, DG Environment, European Commission

Salla Saastamoinen

Deputy Director General, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Eoin Mac-Aoidh

Deputy Head of Unit, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Pierluigi Londero

Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

Vujadin Kovacevic

Policy Officer, European Commission

Joachim Maes

Policy Analyst, DG REGIO

Lucrezia Gorini

Senior Advisor, Norwegian Environment Agency

Henrique Pereira

Professor in Biodiversity Conservation, iDiv/MLU


Agenda from the conference

Download Agenda as PDF


Monday, 27th May

Part I - Future biodiversity monitoring and EuropaBON achievements


  • Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Biodiversity (DG ENV, EC)
  • Salla Saastamoinen, Deputy Director General (JRC, EC)
  • Henrique Pereira, EuropaBON Coordinator (iDiv)

Key EuropaBON Outputs (Co-Design, showcases and EBOCC ToR)

  • Daniel Kissling, Assoc. Prof. (UA)
  • Nestor Fernandez, Researcher (iDiv)
  • Anne Lyche Solheim, Chief Scientist (NIVA)
  • Camino Liquete, Researcher (JRC)

Feedback from the EC (DG AGRI, DG MARE)

  • Pierluigi Londero, Head of Unit, (DG AGRI, EC)
  • Eoin Mac-Aoidh, Deputy Head of Unit, (DG MARE, EC)

Panel Discussion (Chairs: Aletta Bonn, UFZ/iDiv; Ian McCallum, IIASA)

  • Tim Hirsch, Deputy Director (GBIF)
  • Richard Gregory, Head of Monitoring Conservation Science (RSPB)
  • Jan-Erik Petersen, Ecosystems and accounting expert (EEA)
  • Petteri Vihervaara, Research Prof. (Biodiversa+)



Tuesday, 28th May

Part II - Stakeholder perspectives


  • Henrique Pereira, EuropaBON Coordinator (iDiv)
  • Vujadin Kovacevic, Policy Officer (DG ENV, EC)
  • Joachim Maes, Policy Analyst (DG REGIO, EC)
  • Lucrezia Gorini, Senior Advisor (Norwegian Env. Agency)

Stakeholder Perspectives

  • Sergi Herrando, Vice-president (EBCC)
  • Reto Schmucki, Senior Ecologist (BCE)
  • Michael Mirtl, Coordinator (eLTER)
  • Christos Arvanitidis, CEO (LifeWatch ERIC)
  • Isabel Sousa Pinto, Assoc. Prof. (MARCO-BOLO)
  • Joaquín Vicente Baños, Senior Researcher (ENETWILD)

Lunch break

Part III - EU Biodiversity Observation Coordination Centre

Contributions to the EBOCC

  • Camino Liquete, Researcher (JRC, EC)
  • Thorjorn Larssen, Coordinator (ETC-BE)
  • Petteri Vihervaara, Research Prof. (Biodiversa+)
  • Joe Miller, Director (GBIF)

Podium Discussion - next steps to launch the EBOCC?

Closing remarks

  • Henrique Pereira, EuropaBON Coordinator (iDiv)

Meeting adjourns