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EuropaBON’s interactive stakeholder network is LIVE!

We are happy to announce the accomplishment of a new project milestone – the creation of EuropaBON’s stakeholder network visualizer.

This new web and mobile application can be accessed via the EuropaBON website and presents the results of our stakeholder network analysis in an interactive way. To map EuropaBON’s stakeholder network across occupational sectors, realms and geographical regions, we used information provided by network members during the registration process. To determine the position of the various actors in the network, we used information on data provision and data use provided by our stakeholders. 

This allowed us to determine key actors across the various networks, identify important non-member stakeholders currently not yet included in the EuropaBON network, assess level of stakeholder engagement in designing the future European biodiversity monitoring system, and determine what drives network position and level of engagement of stakeholders.

We designed the webpage in such a way that users can interact with its content and modify some of the network parameters. For example, users may want to compare the network mapped across occupational sectors with the network of stakeholders grouped by realm. 

Users may also use filtering and searching functions, for example by selecting stakeholders from a specific sector located in a certain region in Europe. We also provide visualisation tools, web charts and data tables that allow the user to analyse the data included in the network. 

The visualizer is accessible both through the homepage of EuropaBON’s website, as well as through our members portal.

Explore our stakeholder visualizer here.

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