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Researcher with modelling competence

This is a permanent position (possibly multiple positions) as a researcher. The position(s) will be located either at NINA‘s department in Bergen or at the department for Terrestrial Natural Diversity in Trondheim. The person hired is expected to collaborate across departmental boundaries and will be a resource for the whole of NINA.

NINA are looking for people with expertise in advanced statistical analysis and spatio-temporal modelling who have the ability to work within both Bayesian and frequentist frameworks and have experience with integration of several types of data. The candidates are expected to already have experience with a diversity of different approaches, but who are also motivated to expand their toolbox and adapt existing and develop new approaches for different problems. NINA are looking for someone who is flexible and creative in their modelling work and who is good at communicating and collaborating with a wide range of people with different skills and backgrounds. 

More about the position and how to apply, you can find here.

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