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Leading EuropaBON member acknowledged as Netherlands’ foremost author in biodiversity research

In a new report about biodiversity research in the Netherlands and worldwide, W. Daniel Kissling of the University of Amsterdam and EuropaBON leader of the co-design of the European Biodiversity Observation Network, has been identified as the most prolific author in biodiversity research in the Netherlands, based on scholarly output. The report published by Elsevier is based on an analysis of >140,000 academic papers over the last 5 years.

The publication shows that biodiversity research heavily relies on international collaborations, that Europe leads the way in biodiversity research worldwide, and that published academic research in the Netherlands has made an extraordinary international contribution, with a high scientific and policy impact and a strong international embedding. “Not only does Europe serve as a flagship for biodiversity research, but it is also the first Biodiversity Observation Network that will deliver an EU-wide framework for monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem services to the European Commission in early 2024. We are therefore extremely fortunate to have Daniel on-board of the EuropaBON project, where he is leading the challenging task of co-designing this new monitoring system”, says Jessi Junker, scientific coordinator of EuropaBON.

The report contains a short perspective by Kissling, highlighting the importance of developing Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) and biodiversity indicators for EuropaBON. Additionally, the report provides a lot of other interesting insights into biodiversity research, including its impact globally on industry and policy. The report is freely available here .


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