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The EuropaBON workshop on showcases and co-design

EuropaBON is hosting yet another insightful workshop, this time around, focused on WP4 and WP5 showcases and co-design. The invite only event is set to take place from 16 to 20  April 2023 in Troia, a unique and ecologically significant landscape in Portugal.

The Troia Peninsula is a biodiversity hotspot, rich in both terrestrial and marine species, and is a prime example of the kind of ecosystem that EuropaBON aims to monitor and protect. Its diverse habitats, including sand dunes, wetlands, and salt pans, make it an important location for biodiversity research and monitoring.

Participants will explore ways to optimise the design of sampling sites, improve modelling techniques, develop cost-effective solutions, and enhance IT infrastructures to support biodiversity monitoring efforts in ecologically important areas. 

In addition to these topics, the workshop will also cover the project’s Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) workflows. Moreover, one of the key highlights of the workshop will be the discussion of WP5 showcases. The showcases will demonstrate the potential of the project, emphasizing on how it can contribute to the development of a harmonised biodiversity monitoring system across Europe.

With experts from across Europe gathering to collaborate and share their insights, this promises to be a highly productive and insightful workshop for the EuropaBON project.

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