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Essential biodiversity variables for EuropaBON

With the help of participants (representatives from DG ENV, DG MARE, DG AGRI, DG RTD, the EEA, REA, Biodiversa+, SYKE, GBIF, and others) from the second meeting of the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity (KCBD) biodiversity monitoring ad hoc group in Brussels, Belgium in October last year, we revised our list of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) for EuropaBON, which currently includes 70 unique, feasible, policy-relevant and sufficiently specified variables spanning three realms and the six EBV classes as defined by GEO BON.

This list will undergo another public review process to allow all interested stakeholders to provide comments. We are also finalising three other key deliverables on current biodiversity data gaps and information bottlenecks (31 January, 2023) and costs and benefits of existing monitoring schemes (28 February, 2023). So stay tuned for reading about these and other important project results in our RIO collection and check our website or follow us on Twitter to find out how to participate in the upcoming EBV public review process and help design Europe’s future biodiversity monitoring system!

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