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Geospatial Modeler and Remote Sensing for the European Topic Center on Biodiversity and Ecosystems (ETC-BE)

This position is affiliated with the Biodiversity Conservation Professorship of Prof. Henrique Pereira. The successful candidate will join a new ETC-BE team coordinated by Prof. Pereira and Dr. Néstor Fernández. The Biodiversity Conservation group investigates patterns and processes of global biodiversity change, with the goal of informing environmental policy and management of ecosystems. 

The position aims at developing and advancing the science required for the integration of information from the different information streams supporting the European Nature Directives, Nature Restoration Law, Protected Areas Reporting, and other aspects related to the ETC-BE reporting requirements using state-of-the-art modeling and statistical techniques.

Further information on the requirements and how to apply you can find here.

Application deadline: 2 February 2023

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