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Key collaboration between EuropaBON and Biodiversa+

Biodiversa+ is now officially a key collaborator of EuropaBON!

On 27 September 2022, EuropaBON’s Coordinator Prof. Henrique Pereira (iDiv) and Dr. Hilde Eggermont, Chair and Coordinator of Biodiversa+, signed a key collaboration letter, merging the two leading initiatives in a common force to promote and support transnational biodiversity monitoring. This key collaboration will allow to build on, enrich and operationalise relevant outcomes from EuropaBON through Biodiversa+.

While EuropaBON is actively working towards providing new European monitoring designs, Biodiversa+ will be contributing to the further development and testing aspects of the proposed by EuropaBON designs. Moreover, through this collaboration, Biodiversa+ will support the EuropaBON case studies by testing the operability of the monitoring system. This testing in different countries and contexts, as well as co-developing solutions to overcome the challenges identified by EuropaBON (including the terms of governance of this system), could help increase the ownership from environmental policy actors and ultimately ease the adoption of recommendations and possible solutions.

EuropaBON is pleased to have Biodiversa+ as a key collaborator!

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