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We are 800!

Our network is steadily growing with over  800 members (as of 27.09.2022), representing 413 organisations from 56 countries across Europe and beyond, and more than 800 followers on our Twitter account. Nevertheless, EuropaBON is still actively engaging with potential new stakeholders to join and expand the network, in particular to fill specific gaps that have been identified in the membership, including the business sector, NGOs, and citizen scientists. 

To better understand our members’ interests and needs, as well as their connections, we will also begin to map the network and relationships among them across the different sectors of academia, governmental and non-governmental organisations, private industry and citizen science. This will also allow us to evaluate the impact that EuropaBON is having on facilitating new connections and strengthening already existing connections among members and their institutions and help us to shape and co-design an effective, user-oriented EuropaBON.

Join our ever-growing network! Become a member now by registering here.

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