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EuropaBON workshop at World Biodiversity Forum

EuropaBON will organize a workshop at the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The two-hour event is open to all conference participants and will take place on 29th June at 16:00 – 18:00 CET.

In this session, we will present the results of three EuropaBON work streams:

  • User and policy needs of biodiversity data in Europe;
  • The list and specifications of EBVs and EESVs for a European-wide biodiversity observation network;
  • The operationalization of EBVs and EESVs through policy showcases such as the Habitats and Birds Directives

We will then seek active feedback from all participants in a one-hour small group discussion in World Café style. All participants will get the opportunity to give valuable feedback on the three topics presented. This feedback will be integrated in EuropaBON’s upcoming deliverables.

We invited all interested participants to join us for this event. Registration to the World Biodiversity Forum is still possible, both in-person and virtual:

You can find the online programme of the conference here.

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