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EuropaBON is seeking expert opinions

Our work package 4 researchers are currently working on identifying and assessing novel technologies and methods as part of our consortium’s biodiversity monitoring co-design. We are currently at the stage of consulting a wider swathe of experts to help identify and assess any developing areas of tech or new methodology we may have missed in our initial searches. If you know of any under-utilised methods and/or new methods which can be used in biodiversity monitoring, please help us complete the survey below. This will be immensely helpful in our upcoming workshop to discuss the suitability of methods for Europe’s biodiversity monitoring strategy.

Complete the short survey here (approx 7 mins, multiple submissions allowed):

Circulation of this survey within your respective departments and Twitter is welcome. Your help with this is greatly appreciated! If there are any questions regarding this survey or the upcoming workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Maria Dornelas ( or Cher Chow (

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