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EuropaBON releases assessment of user and policy needs

National biodiversity monitoring programmes in Europe face many challenges: too little coordination, inadequate technical and financial resources as well as unclear targets. This is one of the conclusions of EuropaBON’s newly launched User and Policy Needs Assessment. The analysis includes data from more than 350 experts in policy, science and environmental protection.

Consistent, high-quality biodiversity data is needed to meet the goals of the EU’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy and other relevant policies. This data would also help policymakers and scientists develop evidence-based targets and progress reports for conserving and restoring ecosystems and their services. In the report, EuropaBON also presents a list of the 15 highest ranking Essential Biodiversity and Essential Ecosystem Service Variables (EBVs and EESVs), including their current monitoring status across European countries.

Preprint citation:

Moersberger H, Martin JGC, Junker J, Georgieva I, Bauer S, Beja P, Breeze T, Brotons L, Bruelheide H, Fernández N, Fernandez M, Jandt U, Langer C, Lyche Solheim A, Maes J, Moreira F, Pe’er G, Santana J, Shamoun-Baranes J, Smets B, Valdez J, McCallum I, Pereira HM, Bonn A (2022) Europa Biodiversity Observation Network: User and Policy Needs Assessment. ARPHA Preprints.

EurekAlert News release:

Download as PDF:

Europa Biodiversity Observation Network: User and Policy Needs Assessment

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